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I’m still working out all the kinks with the new website and working on making it bigger and better! Please visit me there! 🙂

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Daintry & Nate {SD Engagement Photographer}

Meet Daintry & Nate! The sweetest couple ever! I had a blast running around downtown Sioux Falls with Jaida, Nate and Daintry one cold night. You have to give it up for Daintry she was willing to bear the cold to get some great photos! I’m super excited for their upcoming wedding 🙂  Below are my favorite photos from the evening. Have a good night all!

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Faith Trust and Pixie Dust – An Underwater Adventure w Laura & Jaida

It’s finally here! The Underwater Adventure! We used  Jaida’s new underwater gear with her Sony camera and explored the world of underwater photography. You can see more of Jaida’s photography here:

I now have massive amounts of respect for underwater photographers. It was so hard to see anything! My terrible eyesight +  dark pool = a nearly blind me. But it was still a blast and I think Jaida has a talent for this type of photography.


Jaida took photos 2,3,5,6 &8 in order from left to right. I obviously took the others.

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Aileen {South Dakota Portrait Photographer}

I  just finished filing my taxes and decided I deserved a celebratory blog post! This is my very favorite photoshoot so far. Aileen has been interested in modeling for sometime so she met up with Jaida and I for a little photoshoot at the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls.

Aileen is so photogenic and so easy to work with, I cam away with more pictures than I knew what to do with! We started during the “golden hour” just before sunset when the light is absolutely delicious and seemed to turn the fields a lovely pink color.

After a little while we took a trip into the woods before the light completely faded away. A little spot with a tree hanging over into the water made for an interesting setting but my favorite photos are still out in the pink fields during the golden sunset.

We all ran back out into the fields quickly to soak up the last bit of fading light. This is when I definitely made use of my 50mm 1.8 lens, making it soak up every last drop of light to get these last few photos.


I think the Outdoor Campus is going to be one of my favorite places to shoot at. 🙂

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Underwater Photography Adventure Teaser

Earlier this week my favorite photographer buddy, Jaida and I went on an underwater photography adventure.

She recently got some underwater housing for her camera so we took turns modeling and photographing each other. It was a blast with some crazy results!

I’ll be updating with some crazy photos of Jaida later this week but in the meantime heres a little teaser…

You can check out the rest of Jaida’s photos on flickr.

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Winter Landscapes

Its so darn cold outside! It does make for some great scenery.

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Minnesota Christmas

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Its freezing here in the South Dakota! Large parts of the interstate are still closed down. While its not such a great idea to go outside right now, it is a great time to create my first real blog post and reminisce about our family Christmas in Minnesota.

Britt figured out how to use her camera phone! Good job Britt!

Aren’t they such an adorable family!

Grandparents and the grandkids

My family, parents, me- on the left and my twin sister Sam.

My grandparents never smile in photos as soon as the cameras come out they become completely serious. But I was ready to catch them off guard.

Stay warm everyone!

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